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Carbon powder molding machine small venture good project

Author (Admin) Views ( ) Posted at (2021/07/02)


         Zhengzhou Aoxing Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. developed a new generation of carbon powder molding machine, hookah carbon tabletting machine, barbecue carbon molding machine, hydraulic tabletting machine, hookah carbon automatic production line, rotary tabletting machine, hookah carbon tabletting machine, activated carbon production equipment, shredder, carbon powder tabletting machine and other molding machine machinery and equipment. It is designed according to the advantages of foreign new molding machine. The product has the following characteristics:
1、 The equipment adopts full-automatic electric control system, which can realize the operation and production of the machine by one person;
2、 The equipment has strong adaptability. It can be used for bamboo charcoal powder, charcoal powder and straw charcoal powder.
3、 The equipment has the advantages of large output and low energy consumption, which can save more than 50% energy than the old molding machine.
4、 It is convenient to use, maintain and replace the grinding head. It can produce various specifications of hookah carbon, silver bar carbon, carbon rod and other products.
5、 The equipment adhesive formula is simple and easy to learn, and the company provides free training guidance.
6、 Without auxiliary equipment such as wheel mill, it can be produced by mixing the carbon powder in a mixer for one minute.
7、 Good molding effect, no defective products.
         If the water content of the particles is too small, the over dried particles have greater elasticity, and the drugs containing crystal water lose more crystal water during the drying process, which makes the particles brittle and easy to crack. Therefore, the water content of granules should be controlled according to different varieties. Aoxing heavy industry welcome new and old friends from all walks of life to visit our factory and negotiate business
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