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The molding coal environmental protection hydraulic press molding carbon equipment has seven characteristics!

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       The carbon powder forming machine is mainly used to press the powder material which is difficult to form, which is characterized by large forming pressure, adjustable rotation number of main engine and feeding device.
        The main machine of the molding machine is powered by hydraulic pressure, and the synchronous operation is guaranteed by the active shaft. The rear side of the passive bearing pedestal is equipped with hydraulic device.
        When the material quantity required by the host machine is equal, the constant feed pressure can be maintained to make the pellet quality stable. Therefore, the skilled operation technology is an important condition to ensure the normal operation of the product.
        Hydraulic protection device is driven by hydraulic pump into hydraulic cylinder, which causes axial displacement of piston. The front head of piston rod is on the bearing pedestal to meet the production pressure requirements. When the piston rod of hydraulic cylinder is overloaded, the hydraulic pump will stop, the accumulator will buffer the pressure change, the overflow valve will open the oil return, the piston rod displacement will increase the gap between the pressure rollers, so that the hard material passes through the roller, and the system pressure will return to normal, which can protect the pressure roller from damage. The pressure can be adjusted according to the product density, and the production is flexible.
       There are many manufacturers of carbon forming equipment in the market now. Which one is good? The Aoxing heavy industry introduces the seven characteristics of the carbon forming equipment: 1. The equipment adopts the automatic electric control system, and the single person can realize the operation and production of the machine; 2、 The equipment is adaptable. It can be used for bamboo charcoal powder, charcoal powder, straw carbon powder, etc. 3、 The equipment has large output and low energy consumption, which is more than 50% energy saving than the old molding machine. 4、 The equipment is easy to use, maintain and replace grinding head. It can produce various specifications of soot carbon strip and triangle carbon. 5、 The equipment adhesive formula is simple and easy to learn, and the company training guidance. 6、 No need for wheel grinding and other auxiliary equipment to agitate the carbon powder for one minute. 7、 The molding effect is good, no defective products. Users who buy machines in the company can learn technology and practice operation.
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