Arab Hookah charcoal forming machine

Toner molding machine

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Toner molding machine

The new generation of Arab hookah charcoal production line is based on the production requirements of domestic and foreign customers, using hydraulic equipment systems and automatic control systems. From forming, receiving, screening, sheet metal, cutting, and conveying, all adopt mechanization, greatly reducing labor costs and maximizing customer economic benefits.

This production line has the following features: one, using automatic equipment control system, two people can realize the operation of the machine and production; two, equipment adaptability. Can be adapted to the charcoal powder, bamboo charcoal powder, coconut shell charcoal powder, fruit charcoal powder, rice husk carbon powder. Three, equipment production, low energy consumption, more than 50% energy than old forming machine. Four, equipment use, maintenance and convenient replacement of grinding head, convenient, can produce various specifications of the hookah charcoal, carbon rod. Five, equipment adhesive formulation is simple and easy to learn, free training guide. Six, save labor cost, improve customer economic benefits. Seven, good shaping effect, no defective goods, finished easily ignited, is not extinguished, no cracks.

Arabia hookah charcoal automatic production line technical parameters



output ( Kg/h )
power ( KW )
electric control box size ( MM )
host size ( MM )
Forming machine
700 kg / hour
£¨Dry Toner£©
7 kilowatt
fully automatic operation
Automatic cutting system
700 kg / hour
£¨Dry Toner£©
1.5 kilowatt
fully automatic operation