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Wheel grinding machine

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Grinding machine for grinding and mixing machine is also called coal equipment and auxiliary equipment of charcoal, is the material in the early processing equipment. Used in mixing, pressing, so that a smaller proportion of the raw material and adhesive are fully integrated, and increase the material compactness, convenient material into the molding machine after better molding, save labor, save raw material and adhesive mixing after the fusion time; after initial processing of materials into the machine, but also can reduce the machine wearing parts wear, to extend the service life of molding machine.

Operation and maintenance

Wheel mill at installation time, must make vertical vertical pan. Find it to be the vertical lift, moving jaw, the pan center alignment hole grinding machine for vertical shaft, then the vertical vertical falling into the hole. Two wheel must be of equal weight, the radius of rotation are equal. If in order to increase the rolling area of the two grinding wheel radius of rotation range, should adjust two weight to balance the centrifugal force. But this is very troublesome, for convenient installation, generally do not use. Wheel mill around should build cement fence, fence has stone strip arrangement, to prevent wheel thrown out, to ensure safe operation. To be installed, check all parts of screw fastening, can run. As in normal operation, no abnormal noise, can be put into production. If there is abnormal sound, should immediately stop checking

Wheel grinding machine technical parameters:

Loading weight
The stirring shovel
Rolling time
2 The
In 5 minutes / time
600 kg / hour
Wheel weight
Motor power
Weight of machine
Outline dimensions
800 Kg