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Ground Turnover Cutter

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I. Overview
     DFQ ground flip cutting machine has been widely used in China. Based on the customer's usage, we have made further progress and achieved further advantages in cutting tools.
II. Working Mode of Ground Turnover Cutting Machine
     The prestreamed body is lifted by the pointed traveller to the turnover table and stripping the die grid and turned for 90° by hydraulic unit, and then making sixway cutting by the longitudinal and transverse units. After cutting the body is turned for 90° by the hydraulic unit to the original positon, finishing a cutting period.

III. Main Characteristics of cutting machine
     1. Short cutting steel wire, high cutting accuracy.
     2. The unsticky streamed blocks are much more convenient for producing aerated-sand blocks.
     3. It can produce panel, needn't panel severing machine.
     4. The rejected cutting material can be reclaimed, no waste of streamed blocks.
     5. Easy operation and control with automatic control.