Arab Hookah charcoal forming machine

Arab Hookah charcoal forming machine

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Arab Hookah charcoal forming machine



        The new generation of Arabian hookah carbon forming machine sold by the company is based on the advantages of the new forming machine design at home and abroad, the use of hydraulic equipment system, completely abandoned the old screw forming machine discharge slow, machine wear serious, technical difficulties, expensive, inefficient parts. This product has the following characteristics: 1. The equipment can be realized by using automatic control system, single machine operation and production; 2. 2. Adaptability of equipment. Suitable for charcoal powder, bamboo charcoal powder, coconut shell charcoal powder, fruit charcoal powder, rice shell charcoal powder, etc. 3, equipment production, low energy consumption, than the old fashioned molding machine energy saving more than 50 percent. 4. The equipment is easy to use and maintain, easy to replace the grinding head, easy to use, and can produce various specifications of hookah charcoal and carbon rod. Five, the equipment adhesive formula is easy to learn, free training guidance. No wheel grinding auxiliary equipment, such as mixer, only need to stir the toner for one minute to produce. Good molding effect, no defective products, finished products easy ignition, not out, no crack.

Product parameters:

Type output (Kg/h) power (KW) electric cabinet size (MM) main engine size (MM) degree of automation

Ax-i 300 kg/h

(dry powder machine)4 kw, 250W 1000x300x500 3500x1500x1000 semi-automatic


Type AX-II 600 kg/h


(dry powder machine)7kw 1000x300x500 4200x1300x800 full automatic


Type AX-III 800 kg/h


(dry powder machine)9kw 1000x300x500 4200x1300x800 full automatic