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Hydraulic hookah charcoal tablet press

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Hydraulic hookah charcoal tablet press
       The hookah charcoal tablet hydraulic press is controlled by our company based on the various technical indicators of hookah charcoal. The electrical equipment adopts PLC programming control, and all actions can be timed. Imported hydraulic components are manufactured using bidirectional stamping, resulting in high product yield, good stamping density, and high production efficiency. The key positions are controlled by mechanical and electrical means, and all actions can be adjusted to production status through PLC.
        The hydraulic hookah charcoal tablet press is suitable for producing all kinds of round or special-shaped hookah charcoal. It is a very popular piece of charcoal products in the world at present The product is wafer type, with one side convex and one side concave. The general diameter is 30-40mm and the thickness is about 10mm. When the mold is changed, the carbon powder material can be pressed into special shapes such as flakes, squares, cuboids, rings, hexagons, triangles, cones, etc. Four punches per minute, งถ 33mm can punch 45 pieces each time, งถ 32 pieces of 40mm can be punched each time, and 60 pieces of 25mm cubic carbon blocks can be punched each time. About 15000 pieces are punched every hour. The surface is smooth, the pressure can be large or small, and the compactness can be adjusted. It can also be used in the mechanized production of chemical industry and various special industries requiring sheet forming, with high speed, good quality and remarkable economic benefits.
technical parameter
Name:   axz-800 (hydraulic hookah carbon tablet press) (stamping type)
Production:  6 times per minute, 60 pieces each time (25mm Square)
Weight:   4300kg
Motor:   (hydraulic system) three phase AC motor power (W) 15kw
(feeding motor) three phase AC motor power (W) 1.5kw
(transmission motor) three phase AC motor power (W) 1.5kw
Size:   (length, width and height)
Host:   2000x1100x2200mm
Hydraulic system:   1100x1100x1300mm
Conveyor:   3200x800x800mm
Control cabinet:   800x500x1100mm
Control system:   PLC automatic control (with touch screen)
Hydraulic pressure:   100 tons
Discharge tray:   stainless steel
All fastening screws:   stainless steel
Floor area:   20m ²