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                                                                                Hydraulic shisha carbon press
        Zhengzhou Aoxing Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development, sales as one of the shisha carbon molding machine equipment manufacturers, the company specializes in the sale of hydraulic shisha carbon molding machine, mechanical toner press machine, hydraulic toner press machine. The company is the domestic sales of fruit - burning hookah carbon press factory, research and development of fruit - burning hookah carbon press equipment.
        The electric equipment of shisha carbon tablet press adopts "PLC" programming control, and all the actions can be controlled by time. Imported hydraulic components manufacturing, double, pressing, high powder, pressing density, high production efficiency, the key position using mechanical and electrical dual control, all the action can be adjusted to the production state through PLC.
        Shigel carbon press is suitable for diameter of 30--40 mm charcoal pieces or charcoal powder making is very popular in the international charcoal products into pieces equipment, the product wafer type, one side convex one side concave, the general diameter in 30 mm and 40 mm. It's about thirteen millimeters thick. After changing the mold, the powder material can be pressed into sheets, cubes, cuboids, rings, triangles, cones and other special shapes. Stamping, four times per minute Ф 33 mm can stamping 45 tablet each time, 40 mm Ф stamping 32 pieces at a time, 25 mm cube charcoal piece, stamping 60 pieces at a time. Stamping about 15,000 pieces per hour. The surface is smooth and clean, the pressure can be large or small, and the density can be adjusted. It can also be used in the chemical industry and various special industries need sheet forming of mechanized production, high speed, good quality, economic benefits are very significant.