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Carbon powder forming machine

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        Carbon powder bar forming machine is a new generation of carbon powder forming equipment. We can produce various specifications and shapes with a diameter of less than 260 millimeters and a height of less than 120 millimeters. The carbon powder rod making machine adopts multiple technologies such as closed bevel gear mechanism, double column guided stamping forming, and transmission shaft spline connection, making the whole machine have the characteristics of novel design, compact and reasonable structure, stable operation, accurate zoning, reliable positioning, low noise, energy saving, high output, durability, and simple maintenance. Its mechanical performance is far superior to similar products.
The selection of materials is the key to affecting the service life of carbon powder rod making machines: copper components are used in areas with high friction, so the friction between copper and iron is not easy to generate heat, which greatly improves the service life of carbon powder rod making machines.
Advantages of toner bar making machine:
1. Suitable for various materials, the pressure of the carbon powder rod making machine can be freely adjusted according to different materials;
2. It can produce pure powder materials with light weight and low density, and the dust during cutting is very small;
3. Adhesives cannot be added to different materials. The purity of the finished product is guaranteed, the molding rate is high, the appearance is complete, and the surface is smooth;
4. Auxiliary equipment that can achieve automatic loading, unloading, and cutting, saving labor;
5. High yield, good accuracy, high pressure, accurate and convenient transportation, measurement, and packaging;
The advantage is that it is very convenient to replace the mold. By replacing molds, various shapes of molds can be produced, and a machine can be used for multiple purposes;
7. High degree of automation. The entire production line can be controlled by one person and multiple machines. It has the advantages of low labor intensity and long-term continuous operation.


Main technical parameters:


Yield (KG/h)

Rotational speedr/min

Power (kw)

Molding specifications







Shapes and sizes:







Plum blossom shaped


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