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The rise of new generation briquette carbon

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        For the production enterprises, carbon powder products are no longer single circular pieces, but have various requirements.
        (1) According to the shape, it can be divided into a series of requirements, such as ring, square, trapezoid, ellipse, triangle, sphere, petal shape, deep concave, shallow concave, etc. To achieve the pressing of these products, the die needs to be customized according to the user's products. Most of them are non-standard die. It is customary to call the pressing square, trapezoid, triangle, petal shaped punch as the special type punch. The upper punching rod of such die needs to be equipped with directional key pressing.
        (2) According to the size of the shape, can be divided into standard shape size, super size. For the products of super large size, we should not only customize the large-scale punch, but also modify the structure of the press, mainly to the filling and adjusting system, pressure regulating system, guide rail system and turntable.
I don't know if you find out. We are in a black gold age now.
All the black ones are gold. In terms of the physical, black food is popular and popular. Black rice, black beans, black sesame and so on are the signs of healthy diet.
In the energy sector, oil is black, coal is black, and steel is black. And the price of these resources is also increasing.
In fact, you also ignore a resource: carbon resources.
The traditional carbon is made from wood. Because of the decreasing forest resources, the state has banned the burning of trees.
This is a bolt from the blue for the charcoal industry. Many charcoal people are facing the cause and a traditional industry is facing the destruction.
       Now the materials of carbon forming are widely used, such as branches, sawdust, sawdust and straw. And the production process, renewable, this industry is strongly encouraged and praised by the state.
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