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Rotary hookah charcoal tablet press

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Ax-b rotary hookah charcoal tablet press


Main purpose:
Ax-b rotary hookah charcoal tablet press is a special hookah charcoal tablet press developed and designed by our company, which is used to press coconut shell charcoal powder, fruit wood charcoal powder, bamboo charcoal powder and charcoal powder into various shapes of hookah charcoal tablets. In addition to pressing round hookah carbon sheets, this machine can also press special-shaped hookah carbon sheets, square hookah carbon sheets, ring hookah carbon sheets, etc. the mold can be customized according to your requirements. When running at the same time, it has low noise, high pressure and over-voltage shutdown to avoid damage to the machine.
working principle:
1. The speed is variable frequency speed regulation, which can be adjusted arbitrarily.
2. Commissioning and adjustment can be completed without stopping the machine.
3. The layout of all controllers and operating parts is reasonable and easy to operate.
4. This machine adopts double in and double out design for production, with larger output and better forming effect.
5. High pressure, stable rotation, stable performance, safe and accurate, suitable for pressing all kinds of large tablets and difficult to form tablets.
Technical parameters:

Punching modulus (pair)


Maximum tablet pressing pressure (KN)


Maximum tablet diameter (mm)


Maximum filling depth (mm)


Maximum tablet thickness (mm)


Rotary table speed (RPM)


Diameter of upper and lower punches (mm)


Upper punch length (mm)


Length of lower punch (mm)


Diameter of middle formwork (mm)


Maximum output (pcs/h)


Motor power (kw)


Overall dimension (mm)


Host weight (kg)