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Rotary shisha carbon press

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Ax-b rotary shisha carbon press
        Main USES:
        Ax-b tablet press is a rotary tablet press sold by our company, which is used to press coconut shell charcoal powder, fruit charcoal powder, bamboo charcoal powder and charcoal powder into various shapes of hookahs. In addition to pressing round pieces, the machine can also press special-shaped pieces, special pieces, double-layer pieces, square pieces, circular pieces, etc., which can be customized according to your requirements. When running at the same time, low noise, high pressure, overpressure stop, to avoid damage to the machine.
        Working principle:
        1, the speed is frequency conversion speed, can be arbitrarily adjusted.
        2. Complete the commissioning and adjustment work without stopping the machine.
        3. All the controllers and operating parts have reasonable layout and easy operation.
        4. High pressure, stable rotation, stable performance, accurate, suitable for pressing all kinds of bulk tablets and difficult to shape tablets.
        Technical parameters:
        Die count (pay)
        Sheet pressure (kN)
        Pressure plate diameter (mm)
        Filling depth (mm)
        18 to 30
        Tablet thickness (mm)
        Rotary speed (RPM/min)
        10 to 25
        Diameter of upper and lower punching rods (mm)
        Length of upthrust rod (mm)
        Length of downthrust rod (mm)
        Medium die diameter (mm)
        Yield (PCS/h)
        Motor Power (KW)
        7.5 kw
        External dimension (mm)
        900 * 800 * 1640
        Main engine weight (kg)