Arab Hookah charcoal forming machine

Silver carbon forming machine

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        Ax series hydraulic extrusion type hookah charcoal production line is a new generation of hookah charcoal production line independently developed by our company. The forming machine adopts high thrust hydraulic cylinder and automatic hydraulic system. The production line uses a fully automatic electric control system, which is fully mechanized from forming, receiving, screening, loading, cutting and conveying, saving labor costs and creating great economic benefits for customers. The materials enter the silo and are formed by hydraulic extrusion through the mold. The machine is stable in production. The water smoke carbon series products produced have good forming effect, smooth surface, large density, no defect, high yield, smokeless combustion, no odor, and meet the environmental protection testing requirements of the European Union. The extrusion silo and the forming die head are all made of wear-resistant steel, without vulnerable parts, with large output and good forming effect. The discharge speed can be adjusted for one-time forming.
        Ax series hydraulic extrusion type hookah charcoal production line has the following characteristics:
        1: The production line uses a fully automatic control system, and one person can operate the production.
        2: The production line has strong adaptability. Suitable for charcoal powder, bamboo charcoal powder, coconut shell charcoal powder, fruit wood charcoal powder, rice shell charcoal powder, etc.
        3: The production line adopts hydraulic power, with low energy consumption, saving more than 50% energy than the old molding machine.
        4: The production line is easy to maintain and the mold is easy to replace. The mold is made according to the customer's requirements. It can produce silver bar carbon, finger carbon, triangle carbon, square carbon, blade carbon, barbecue carbon, and various specifications of hookah carbon and carbon rods.
        5: Low energy consumption, large output, good forming effect, high density and high yield.

Technical parameters of Arab hookah charcoal automatic production line:

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Forming machine
Fully automatic operation
Automatic cutting system
Fully automatic operation