Arab Hookah charcoal forming machine

Automatic cutting system

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Automatic cutting system


        Automatic cutting system -- supporting equipment for the production line of shisha charcoal forming machine. It is a fully automatic production line with complete toner forming mechanism, which can improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost. It has a neat appearance and advanced electronic control system, and equipped with alarm device, loved by customers. The automatic toner injection molding machine is equipped with automatic cutting machine, and the whole production line needs only two workers to operate, which can realize the whole production from molding, finishing, screening and cutting. Greatly reduced the cost of labor, for customers to bring great economic benefits.

Technical parameters of automatic cutting system for hookah carbon production line

 Output (Kg/h) power (KW) cabinet size (MM) mainframe size (MM) automation

700 kg/h

(dry powder machine) 1.5kw,250W 500x400x200 6000x600x1500 full automatic