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Formula of charcoal powder adhesive

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         The formula of charcoal powder adhesive should first be determined according to the amount of production, the requirements of bonding force and the use environment. For charcoal, the bonding particles are different from large base materials. For particles, the powder generally chooses the binder with good wettability and ground surface tension, such as alcohol or something; For some large materials, the selection is poor, otherwise the penetration surface is very large and it is not easy to form an adhesive film. Zhengzhou Aoxing Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been researching the production equipment of formed carbon all the year round. Its main products are carbon powder forming machine, hookah carbon tablet press, barbecue carbon forming machine, hydraulic tablet press, hookah carbon full-automatic production line, rotary tablet press, hookah carbon forming machine, activated carbon production equipment, shredder and carbon powder tablet press. Users who purchase machines in the company can learn technology and practice operation. If you are interested in products, you can investigate and visit anytime, anywhere. The pulverized coal briquetting machine is a new type of semi-automatic pulverized coal hollow rod press independently developed and produced by the scientific and technological personnel of our plant according to the experience and practice of producing and making static pressure machine for many years. The machine is widely used in the crushed coal (less than 5mm) of large, medium and small coal plants, the utilization of coal fines, and the coke fines of coking plants, In the processing and utilization of broken particles and hollow solid building materials products with the same requirements, the scientific and technical personnel of our factory adhere to the industry spirit of dedication and focus, and strive to develop broader product needs for users. The product is used in the working environment with all climate environmental temperature and industrial voltage of 380V ± 10V at home and abroad.

        Floor area of pulverized coal forming machine; Hardened 3000x3000 empty space Any room available.
The raw materials that can be formed include coal, coke powder, carbon powder, chemical raw materials, etc.
        The carbon powder forming machine uses sawdust, shavings, corner waste of wood, branches, rice husk, peanut shell, bagasse, wine residue, cotton stalk, corn stalk, wheat straw, straw and other crops in the South and north as raw materials to produce carbon powder. Ideal carbon powder can be obtained by direct in-situ carbonization with our new carbonization technology (no equipment and kiln construction). Or use the waste carbon residue left during the manufacture of charcoal and the waste carbon powder from the factory to obtain carbon powder products with different shapes, such as, rod carbon, Fengwo coal, spherical carbon and so on. It is an ideal equipment for energy regeneration, waste utilization and turning waste into treasure.
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