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Requirements for appearance and hardness of formed carbon

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Producing high-quality formed carbon not only enables better sales, but also increases the price of formed carbon. What are the appearance and hardness requirements for high-quality formed carbon? Next, Zhengzhou Aoxing Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will explain to you. Firstly, the hardness of carbon. The hardness of carbon determines its density. The higher the density of carbon, the longer the combustion time and the heat generated by combustion. The color of formed carbon should be black and bright. The collision of two pieces of charcoal will not break. If the color of the formed carbon is black and the collision strength is insufficient, it indicates that there is too much water content in the raw material. If the formed carbon turns yellow, it indicates that there are too many impurities in the raw material and the ash content in the carbon is too high.
Product advantages of carbon powder molding machines
The carbon powder molding machines produced by our factory have the advantages of having no vulnerable parts, strong stability, and high production efficiency.
2. Carbon powder molding machine produces charcoal through the process of carbonization and shaping. This is another new product launched by our factory with advanced technology and market potential.
3. This series of equipment uses wood chips, shavings, wood corner waste, branches, rice husks, peanut shells, bagasse, wine residue, cotton straw, corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw and other crop straw from the south and north as raw materials.
4. By adopting our new carbonization technology, ideal carbon powder can be obtained, and the waste carbon residue left during the charcoal production process can also be crushed, mixed, ground, stirred, and pressed into shape with the factory's waste carbon powder. It is an ideal equipment for energy, waste utilization, and turning waste into treasure.
5. Using this process to produce charcoal has obvious advantages, completely overcoming the disadvantages of high investment, high cost, and easy damage to key components of mechanism charcoal; In addition, the carbon products produced by this process have stable quality and a wide variety of products. Now, in addition to ordinary synthetic barbecue carbon and heating carbon, there are also ready to burn carbon and industrial carbon; Continuous improvement of product quality and output; It is the future development trend.
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