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Application scope of rotary tablet press

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         Zhengzhou Aoxing Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the research of carbon powder molding machine, hookah carbon tablet press, barbecue carbon molding machine, hydraulic tablet press, hookah carbon automatic production line, rotary tablet press, hookah carbon molding machine, activated carbon production equipment, shredder, carbon powder tablet press and other molding machine mechanical equipment.
         Carbon powder molding machine uses extrusion to make carbon rods, carbon bars, carbon blocks, etc. There is no smoke when it burns. And there is no need for secondary carbonization. Before the carbon rod is made by the carbon powder forming machine, the equipment needs to be checked first. When making coal rod, the dry and wet of raw materials shall meet the quality requirements. When making carbon rods, the current should be controlled at 70-80a. A high current indicates that the moisture of raw materials is less. It is necessary to add some water to the raw materials and do not let the current exceed too high, which will easily cause the head to jam and burn out the motor. Therefore, before making coal carbon rods, we must refer to the instructions and frequently ask technicians for normal production.
         The carbon powder molding machine has been liked by the majority of customers since its production. The customers' satisfaction is certainly our driving force! Now, whether in terms of production capacity or environmental protection requirements, the carbon powder molding machine is more in line with the requirements!
        In European countries, hookah has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people for more than N years, and its influence has even alarmed the World Health Organization. Some scholars once wrote some papers criticizing the health of hookah without sufficient basis, but people in western countries still have a special preference for hookah and are still becoming increasingly crazy. Russia, Germany, Britain, Canada, etc, It must be mentioned that in the United States, the popularity and speed are even more amazing. Hookah bars can be seen all over almost 52 states, especially in Las Vegas, which is famous for its "hookah Palace". Back home, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, other big cities are also gradually emerging, such as Harbin, Shenyang, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Hunan and other cities. In fact, Tianjin and Wuhan are developing rapidly. As a new leisure consumption, hookah business project is still in its infancy in China. Based on the data from all aspects, we can see that this should be a field worthy of attention. The competition of commercial activities is to know how to surpass and innovate. Why success belongs to only a few pioneers with unique vision, that is because they have the courage to innovate and try. I would like to advise friends who are ready to step into or have engaged in hookah projects that competition is not necessarily a bad thing. China has a big cake. We can jointly safeguard the market, refuse fake goods, mislead and deceive consumers, so as to share their own income, jointly promote hookah culture and make more people understand and accept it. How can the market be small? Welcome new and old friends from all walks of life to visit our factory and negotiate business
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