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Difference between carbon powder molding machine and charcoal machine

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        Carbon powder molding machine and charcoal machine are equipment in the machine-made charcoal production line. What is the difference between carbon powder molding machine and machine-made charcoal machine? What's the difference? Let's talk about it briefly.
Manufacturing process of carbon powder forming machine;
         The carbon powder forming machine is to carbonize the waste materials (such as pulverized coal, sawdust, wood bamboo powder, bamboo charcoal powder, distiller's grains, bran residue) first. Some (branches, tree segments, straw) need to be carbonized and then crushed. When it reaches 5-8mm, it can be pressed into carbon rods with the carbon powder forming machine. The carbon product thus pressed is the finished carbon, and there is no need for carbonization.
Production process of machine-made charcoal;
        Machine made charcoal is also called rod making machine. The raw materials of rod making machine are relatively wide, such as peanut shell, corncob, rice straw, etc. Its manufacturing process is to crush the materials first, then dry them, and then press them into carbon rods through the rod making machine at high temperature and high pressure without any adhesive. Such carbon rods are semi-finished products, that is, raw rods. Then there is one-step carbonization, so that the carbon rod can be machine-made charcoal.
        The carbon powder forming machine carbonizes first and then makes rods. The unqualified carbon rods and broken carbon are rolled twice and reused to make carbon rods, which improves the output. The machine-made charcoal machine is made first and then carbonized. It has the advantages of convenient operation, simple structure, reduced energy consumption, wide adaptability and high carbon yield.
         In short, the rod making effect of both equipment is OK. It depends on what kind of equipment you need.
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