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What equipment is needed to produce environmentally friendly charcoal?

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Complete set of charcoal machine
        (charcoal machine products) the use of charcoal is on the rise. In daily life and industrial production (charcoal machine products), charcoal is more and more. For example, (charcoal machine products) charcoal can be used in people's favorite barbecue. Smokeless and tasteless makes it more and more popular; (charcoal machine products) charcoal can be used as an ideal material for people's heating in winter; (charcoal machine products) charcoal can be used in steel mills to achieve the purpose of slow cooling. In short, the use of charcoal is increasing, and the market demand is also increasing. The term charcoal machine is also internationalized with the rise of charcoal. The mechanism charcoal made by charcoal machine gradually replaces people's original earth kiln to burn charcoal, which greatly reduces people's production cost, Make people's production profits several times.
         Charcoal machine is the abbreviation of several pieces of equipment: charcoal machine equipment mainly includes pulverizer, drying mechanism, bar machine and carbonization furnace.
The raw materials of charcoal machine can be sawdust, rice husk, fruit husk, straw, logs, branches, leftovers and other substances.
The humidity of charcoal machine raw materials should be less than 12%
The charcoal machine production site needs to be more than 50 square meters, and the height needs to be more than 4 meters
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