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The manufacturer sells carbon powder molding machine

Author (Admin) Views ( ) Posted at (2022/10/19)


       Carbon powder molding machine (briquetting machine) is suitable for briquetting and molding of various powders such as charcoal powder, activated carbon, hookah charcoal, pine charcoal, coking coal, biochar and carbon refined powder, which is convenient for transportation and use. The equipment is also suitable for all kinds of powdery cast iron, steel chips, copper chips, aluminum chips, etc. it can be directly cold pressed into 3 ~ 6kg cylindrical cake blocks, so as to facilitate transportation and furnace feeding, and the whole process does not need heating, additives or other processes. According to customer requirements, the product can also adopt domestic or imported hydraulic and electrical components, equipped with automatic feeding, weighing and other devices.
       Hello, I'm glad you left a message on our website. Zhengzhou Aoxing Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. told you. For customers who buy our equipment, we will go to your site to plan the plant site, install and debug the equipment, and guide the carbon powder forming technology. In fact, it is very simple to make charcoal. As long as we study hard, we will learn it. No matter what you do, you will do it once. As the saying goes, if you cook twice, you will be a master three times. Therefore, we should have confidence in learning carbon powder molding technology. If you want to engage in the carbon powder molding industry, please pick up your phone: 1384911895, so that you can choose Aoxing heavy industry without regret.
      Carbon powder molding machine, hookah carbon tablet press, barbecue carbon molding machine, hydraulic tablet press, hookah carbon full-automatic production line, rotary tablet press, hookah carbon molding machine, activated carbon production equipment, shredder, carbon powder tablet press and other molding machine mechanical equipment have stable structure and practical economy. The hydraulic control adopts cartridge valve integrated system to reduce dew point and reliable action, It has long service life, can realize two forming processes of constant pressure and constant range, has the function of pressure holding and delay, the working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range, and adopts button centralized control to realize three operation modes: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. This series of hydraulic press is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials. It is a general-purpose hydraulic press.
       The machine is suitable for small and medium-sized production of various powder and granular tablet forming. Continuous automation of work. Molds of different shapes can be changed at will to adjust the pressure within the range of 10 tons. It is widely used in fine powder, camphor, aromatics, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, ceramics and other industries. Good stability and high cost performance. It can realize the first mock exam, multiple machines and one machine.
       Zhengzhou Aoxing Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. welcomes new and old friends from all walks of life to visit our factory and negotiate business.
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