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What processing equipment should a small carbon powder molding plant have?

Author (Admin) Views ( ) Posted at (2022/02/24)

        What processing equipment should small carbon powder molding plants have? Many customers call for advice. Carbon powder molding machine is the preferred processing equipment for many carbon powder deep processing customers, as well as many auxiliary equipment. Next, Zhengzhou Aoxing Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will introduce to you the equipment required by the small carbon powder forming plant. The minimum output is the molding equipment required by the carbon powder molding plant with an annual output of 700 tons: one carbon powder molding machine, one small dryer and one mixer. These are the equipment that the processing plant with an annual output of 700 tons should have. If you need more carbon powder molding equipment, our company can provide you with the most cost-effective carbon powder molding equipment configuration scheme according to your production requirements.

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       The hydraulic toner forming machine has a high degree of automation and production: it adopts full-automatic control without manual operation, and can automatically complete the whole production process. The working table of the equipment is large, multiple pieces of wood carbon can be pressed at one time, the output of a single machine is large, the hydraulic system has a short forming cycle, and each pressing cycle is 15 seconds. Hydraulic toner forming machine, production process: the hydraulic transmission system is adopted, there is no noise, and there is an exhaust process in the pressing process to ensure the strength of formed carbon blocks; The hydraulic toner forming machine has good quality: it can effectively improve the quality of formed carbon blocks, and the pressed finished products exceed 90%. The forming pressure is high, which improves the product quality and product yield. Due to the high forming pressure, the density and strength of the pressed carbon block are high, and the product quality is improved. At the same time, it can effectively avoid damage and cracking and improve the yield of products.
        The production line of hookah carbon tablet press has the advantages of stable and reliable operation, convenient and simple operation and long service life. The products meet the export requirements. The product has smooth surface, no adhesion and zero loss. It can also be used in chemical industry and various special industries. Using this process to produce formed carbon has obvious advantages and overcomes the disadvantages of large investment, high cost and easy damage of key components of screw forming machine; Moreover, the quality of carbon products produced by this process is stable and there are many kinds of products. Now, in addition to ordinary synthetic barbecue carbon and heating carbon, there are instant ignition carbon and industrial carbon; Continuous improvement of product quality and output; Is the future development trend.
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