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Sales and price of silver bar charcoal:

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Sales and price of silver bar charcoal:
Domestic charcoal: hookah charcoal, barbecue, heating, pot stove, etc.
Industrial carbon: Activated Carbon Factory, industrial silicon factory, explosive factory, pharmaceutical factory, carbon disulfide factory, crystalline silicon factory, mosquito repellent incense factory, rubber factory, etc.
Sales price: 4000-8000 yuan / T, export, 12000 yuan / T.
      Carbon powder molding machine, hookah carbon tablet press, barbecue carbon molding machine, hydraulic tablet press, hookah carbon full-automatic production line, rotary tablet press, hookah carbon molding machine, activated carbon production equipment, shredder, carbon powder tablet press and other molding machine mechanical equipment. The machine that places granular or powdery materials in the die hole and presses them into tablets by punch is called tablet press.
       The tablet press is composed of a pair of dies. The punch moves up and down to press granular materials into flakes. This machine is called single sheet press, and later developed into electric tablet press. The working principle of these two tablet presses is still one-way tablet pressing based on manual die, that is, the down punch is fixed and only the up punch is pressurized. In this way of tablet pressing, due to the inconsistent stress between the upper and lower parts, the density inside the tablet is uneven, which is easy to produce cracks and other problems. The tablet shape pressed by the tablet press is mostly flat circular, and later developed into shallow circular arc and deep circular arc on the upper and lower sides, which is for the needs of coating. With the development of special-shaped tablet press, oval, triangular, oblong, square, rhombic and circular tablets are produced. In addition, with the continuous development of preparations, due to the requirements of compound preparations and timed release preparations, special tablets such as double-layer, three-layer and core    wrapping are made, which need to be completed on a special tablet press.
      In view of this disadvantage of one-way tablet press, a rotary multi impact two-way tablet press began to be born. The tablet press is pressed up and down at the same time, so that the air in the particles has sufficient time to escape from the die hole, which improves the uniformity of tablet density and reduces the phenomenon of cracking. In addition, the rotary tablet press also has the advantages of low vibration, low noise, less energy consumption, high efficiency and accurate tablet weight.
       Rotary tablet press is a machine in which multiple pairs of dies evenly distributed on the turntable move up and down in a circle according to a certain track, and the granular materials are pressed into tablets through the pressing wheel. The tablet press with the linear speed of the punch rotating with the turntable ≥ 60m / min is called the high-speed rotary tablet press. This high-speed rotary tablet press has a forced feeding mechanism. The machine is controlled by PLC and has the functions of automatically adjusting the pressure, controlling the tablet weight, eliminating waste tablets, printing data, displaying fault shutdown, etc. in addition to controlling the difference of tablet weight within a certain range, it can Quality problems such as loose lobes can be automatically identified and eliminated.
With the development of market demand, the application scope of tablet presser is wider and wider. It is no longer confined to pressing Chinese and Western tablets. It can also suppress health food and veterinary drug tablets widely. Chemical tablets include: camphor pills, health balls, art powders, pesticide tablets, etc.
      Zhengzhou Aoxing Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in producing automatic silver bar carbon forming machine, hookah carbon forming machine, carbon powder forming machine and other mechanical equipment.
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