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Development trend of hookah carbon forming machine

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Understand the development trend of hookah carbon forming machine:
        Hookah charcoal molding machine is one of the products in recent years; The cost of processing carbon powder with this machine is lower! Faster revenue! It is a product strongly recommended by investors. Hookah carbon forming machine is a new product with advanced technology and market potential, which is processed with carbon powder by forming process and continuously strengthened technical improvement by Aoxing heavy industry. This series of equipment can use all kinds of carbon powder or waste carbon powder through stirring and pressing. It is an ideal equipment for getting rich. Using this process to process carbon powder has obvious advantages and overcomes the disadvantages of screw forming machine, such as poor forming, high cost and easy damage of key components; The quality of carbon products produced by this process is stable and there are many kinds of products, which is the development trend in the future. Through technical support and mutual benefit, Aoxing heavy industry has joined hands with many enterprises for mutual benefit and win-win results to provide diversified and more sufficient products for the market.
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        The first mock exam machine is a large tablet press made by our factory. It compacts granular and powdery materials into various ordinary and special-shaped pieces, and is suitable for pressing products with high product density. Large quantities of products can be used for large scale production, with high precision, and easy replacement and installation of moulds. High degree of automation.
        All actions are controlled by microcomputer PLC and are continuous and automatic. The pressing time, pressure and product thickness can be adjusted appropriately. Ensure stable product pressure, constant density and small dimensional error.
        The whole hydraulic system adopts imported hydraulic components with higher stability to avoid oil leakage, easy dirt of oil, insufficient pressure, asynchronous and continuous action and other problems. The working part and the hydraulic system part are separated and independent, and the automatic heat dissipation reduces the equipment loss.
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