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What is the best selling device in 2022?

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         Aoxing heavy industry's "silver bar carbon forming machine" is a new product with low cost and high efficiency. We can use charcoal powder to process carbon type. The prerequisite is that raw materials, different combustion devices and furnace types have different requirements on the particle size, ash content, moisture content, volatile content, calorific value and reactivity of block carbon. Therefore, we can use charcoal powder molding machine, which must be suitable for the application conditions of users. First of all, the constraint conditions of different combustion devices and furnace types are determined. Then, under these conditions, the technical indexes of ash, water, volatile, calorific value, reactivity, particle size, etc., which are processed from tree sawdust into carbon rods, are adjusted to a good value for industrial application through scientific proportion and process, and the price of charcoal powder molding machine. Zhengzhou Aoxing Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has been researching silver bar carbon forming machine, carbon powder forming machine, hookah carbon tabletting machine, barbecue carbon forming machine, hydraulic tabletting machine, hookah carbon automatic production line, rotary tabletting machine, hookah carbon forming machine, activated carbon production equipment, shredder, carbon powder tabletting machine and other forming machine machinery and equipment. The main products include hookah carbon, silver bar carbon, silver coated carbon, triangle carbon and other molding machinery and equipment. The coal bar outlet of the machine head is made of replaceable wear-resistant alloy steel, which is convenient for replacement. The head and cylinder are hinged, which can be opened during maintenance. It is convenient to replace the impeller and cylinder liner. Automatic production line, stable, reliable, easy to operate, simple, long service life, products meet the export requirements, overcome all the shortcomings of the spiral molding machine. The production per hour is 0.5 tons, and the power consumption is 3 yuan. The surface of the product is smooth, no adhesion and zero loss. It can also be used in chemical industry and various special industries. There is a set of production line in the company for 24 hours. All products are for export. Customers who buy machines in the company can learn technology and practice operation.
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