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Usage of carbon powder molding machine

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        Powder forming machine is the first mock exam machine developed by the new company. It compacts granular and powdered materials into various ordinary and special pieces. It is suitable for pressing large products, requiring high density products, and can be used for large scale production industries. It has high precision, convenient replacement and easy installation, and high automation. All actions are controlled by microcomputer PLC, continuous and automatic, and the pressing time, pressure and product thickness can be adjusted appropriately.
        The whole hydraulic system is imported from Taiwan, with high stability, avoiding oil leakage, oil easy to dirty, insufficient pressure, asynchronous continuous action and other problems. The working part and the hydraulic system are separated and independent, with automatic heat dissipation, so as to reduce the color loss
        According to the requirements of customers in different industries, a number of pressing methods have been developed
       1. Floating pressure method: through the floating of the middle die platen, the density of the product is consistent up and down.
        2. Upper cylinder down pressing - upper die down pressing, one-time forming, saving pressing time, improving pressing efficiency, mostly used for good forming materials with good fluidity.
        3. Upper pressing of the lower cylinder -- the upper mold is pressed into the mold cavity for a small distance. By the method of upper pressing of the lower cylinder, it is easy to demould, reduce the friction between the product and the sword of the middle mold, and make the product more compact.
        Aoxing heavy industry carbon powder molding machine professional manufacturing: silver carbon, hookah carbon. Silver bar carbon and hookah carbon are two nouns, which are the same product name. Aoxing heavy industry produces carbon powder molding machine,carbon powder molding machine, hookah carbon tablet press, barbecue carbon molding machine, hydraulic tablet press, automatic production line of hookah carbon, rotary tablet press, hookah carbon molding machine, activated carbon production equipment, shredder, carbon powder tablet press, etc. The performance is very stable, and there are no vulnerable parts. Smokeless carbon is also known as silver bar carbon in Arab countries. The manufacturing process of smokeless carbon is very different from that of environmental protection mechanism carbon. The raw materials of smokeless carbon are sawdust, hardwood, rice husk and other substances containing lignin. Carbon powder is made by carbonization, and then silver bar carbon is made by the new molding machine of Aoxing heavy industry machinery factory, That is, one by one, like silver strips, so collectively referred to as silver charcoal. That's how silver charcoal is made. The above is provided by Aoxing heavy industry machinery factory. Customers who buy machines in the company can learn technology and practice operation. If you are interested in the equipment, you can visit it anytime and anywhere.
        Zhengzhou Aoxing Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. welcomes new and old friends from all walks of life to visit our factory and negotiate business
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