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Professional production equipment of hookah carbon tablet press

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         Arabian hookah charcoal is a kind of high-tech and environment-friendly product, which has exquisite appearance and convenient use. It is made of selected charcoal powder and special ignition agent. It can burn at one point and emits fragrance in the combustion process. It is a high-quality product specially made for hookah users. It has the advantages of fast ignition speed, long burning time, slight smoke, tasteless and non-toxic, and is mainly sold in Europe, America and the Middle East. Aoxing heavy industry has been researching carbon powder forming machine, hookah carbon tabletting machine, barbecue carbon forming machine, hydraulic tabletting machine, automatic production line of hookah carbon, rotary tabletting machine, hookah carbon forming machine, activated carbon production equipment, shredder, carbon powder tabletting machine, etc. It can produce molding carbon, hookah carbon, silver coated carbon, silver bar carbon and other products.
       1. This machine is a kind of automatic rotary continuous tablet pressing machine. It is the basic equipment for processing various granular raw materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industrial departments.
        2. It is suitable for mass production of all kinds of pressed round pieces.
        3. It is suitable for pressing wet powder and fine granular powder.
        In use, pay attention to whether the sound of the machine is normal at any time. When there is a sharp sound, stop the machine immediately to check and eliminate it. Do not use it reluctantly.
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